Coffee and Homeopathy

September 29 is International Coffee Day and we would like to take this opportunity to talk about about the use of coffee in homeopathy.

Coffee has been used from time immemorial as a stimulant and people cannot function till they get their daily dose of coffee!

Homeopathy is unique in that it converts the commonly used (and abused) substances into powerful therapeutic tools and employs them in the healing of various disorders.

Coffee is one such substance. A tincture of the raw berries of the plant Coffea arabica is used to prepare the base of this homeopathic remedy. It is used for different types of people; usually tall, lean, stooping persons with a dark complexion, or infants during dentition and housewives who have a great deal of care and trouble in managing the household.

Coffee’s chief action is on the nerves, making them oversensitive so that they are sensitive to touch and all external impressions, the pains are intolerable, and they have an exaltation of the senses so that they can hear distant sounds, noises are intolerable; in fact the pains are made worse from noise, they can read fine print easily, etc.

People who need the homeopathic remedy Coffee have symptoms that are caused by this sensitivity. There are a lot of emotional as well as physical causes of their symptoms like: sudden emotions or pleasurable surprises, excessive laughter and playing, disappointed love, fear or fright and wine (it has been said that wine-drinkers should take coffee, beer-drinkers should take tea), over-indulgence in stimulants, alcohol, over-fatigue and long journeys, noises, strong smells.

Emotionally the Coffee personality is excitable and overactive, oversensitive; to noise, pain, pleasure, impressionable, especially to pleasurable impressions, has unusual activity of mind and body and is full of ideas; quick to act, with no sleep on this account. They are full of plans for the future, with lively fancies, gaiety, easily irritated, excited; buoyancy and exaltation of the mind. You may also find them alternately laughing and weeping- now joyous, now gloomy, tossing about, weeping and lamenting in anguish. Even the child who needs the homeopathic remedy Coffee cries easily; while crying it suddenly laughs quite heartily, and finally cries again! The unusual activity of the mind and body makes them sleeplessness- the same idea or chain of thoughts repeats itself and keeps them awake.

The important physical symptoms seen in almost all parts of the body and in all conditions are oversensitiveness; all the senses are more acute- sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, there is neuralgia in various parts; always with great nervous excitability and intolerance of pain, driving her to despair. What is peculiar is that the pains, even in the limbs, are made worse by noise!

When these emotional and physical symptoms are present, Coffee can be used by an expert homeopath to treat varied conditions like anxiety states, insomnia, migraine, trigeminal neuralgias, dental pains, palpitations and angina like symptoms and even menstrual cramps.

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