Adolescence- Tips for Parents

As a transitional stage of human development, adolescence is the period in which a child matures into an adult. Some describe adolescence as a period of “storm and stress”. It is stressful for the adolescent as well as the parents. Here’s how parents may overcome this stress.
Parents need to:
1. Be sure about their basic values and rules.
2. Support each other in applying them. (It is difficult for a teenager to respect parents who are always at loggerheads with each other. One parent should not to ally him/herself with the child against the other parent.)
3. Listen (Adults should be available for advice, sympathy and comfort. Don’t criticize or give routine advice.)
4. Spend time on praising good decisions or behaviour.
5. Don’t use physical punishment. Do not create the impression that violence can solve problems.
6. Set an example (You are a role model for your child. If you don’t want them to be violent, don’t use violence yourself. If you want them to be kind and generous to other people , try to be like this yourself.)
7. Stressful times come and go, but most adolescents don’t develop serious problems.

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