World Dance Day

Dance is one of the artistic expressions of an individual. There are various types of dance forms and these vary with the different regions of the world. Dance is used to tell stories or explore myths and legends. It is also a reflection of the culture of the people living in a particular region. With the eventual mix of cultures over time we now see a fusion of different dance forms.

Dance is sometimes a spontaneous expression of happiness- we often ‘dance with joy’. It is sometimes a manifestation of disease. A good example is St. Vitus’ Dance- a form of rheumatic chorea.

The propensity or love or desire for dancing and even aversion to dancing could be a clue that a patient gives to the homeopath and guides him to the correct medicine.

In psychosis, homeopathy can help when you have the following symptoms related to dancing:

He begins to leap and dance as if in chorea, chattering incessantly, and without meaning in his words- Hyoscyamus

He raises himself as if by some elastic power, strikes himself on the breast and begins to sing and dance in the most extravagant manner- Cannabis indica

Wild: on hearing any sound, as striking of clock, etc, dances about and must be held- Veratrum album

Dancing, singing and weeping with excitement- Tarentula hispania

When a patient has chorea, the homeopath may use some of the drugs mentioned below to treat him:

St. Vitus’ dance- Agaricus, Belladonna, Cicuta, Tarentula hispanica

Twitching and irregular, convulsive movement and desire to dance- Agaricus

Chorea, with desire to dance- Tarentula hispanica

Music causes the patient to dance- Tarentula hispanica

After a fright, chorea, St. Vitus’ dance- Stramonium

If there are mental symptoms that appear with dancing, the following drugs may be of help:

Anxiety- Borax

Weeping, tearful mood alternating with dancing- Belladonna

Weakness or loss of memory- Argentum nitricum

If there are physical symptoms that are related to dancing, the following drugs may be of help:

Menses suppressed after excessive dancing: Sabina, Cyclamen

Cough after dancing: Pulsatilla

Chest oppression relived by dancing- Causticum

If all the physical and emotional symptoms are better by dancing, the drug that is often indicated is Sepia.

When a person has no aptitude for dancing, the drug he requires might be Natrum muriaticum or Nux vomica.

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Disclaimer: A detailed history followed by constitutional treatment by good and qualified homeopathic specialists is necessary to treat the complaints that appear during any disease. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease. The above-mentioned drugs are just a few of the remedies and are mentioned solely to create awareness about the efficacy of homeopathic medicines.

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  1. Dr. Nupoor

    very true dance is the best form of expression and all the emotions especially happiness can be best expressed in the form of dancing. The commonest example v can watch every one doing that when India wins the match and all the cricket lovers express their happiness in the form of dancing.I personally feel that dance is also a very good stressbuster. The therapeutics on dance are also awesome.

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