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The XY Factor- Male infertility

English: Human sperm stained for semen quality...
English: Human sperm stained for semen quality testing in the clinical laboratory. Español: Espermatozoides humanos teñidos para examinar calidad seminal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much has been written about female infertility and in practice, very often the male is often neglected when the infertile couple is being evaluated and treated. It is often the OB/GYN doctor  who doubles as an infertility specialist and it is no wonder that he directs all attention towards the female often missing out reversible causes of infertility in the male.

A low sperm count is often encountered in the infertile male and there are many causes for this. The testes cannot function efficiently in a hot environment. It is for this reason that these gonads are outside the abdominal cavity in a sac called the scrotum.  Hence, there is a low sperm count in males who work in foundries, furnaces and anyplace where the temperatures are very high.  People wearing tight jeans may also have a lower sperm count because of the higher local temperature.

My wife has been successfully using homeopathy in infertility. She has often encountered cases where the female has been thoroughly investigated and found to have to abnormalities but the male was not even examined. One of the common problems that she has found in her male infertility patients is the presence of a varicocele ( a varicosity of the testicular veins). The enlarged, dilated and tortuous veins around the testes increase the local heat and inhibit spermatogenesis (sperm production). She refers these patients to a surgeon who examines them and helps confirm this condition.

I have helped many of the male patients with low sperm counts (oligospermia) with homeopathy. Thyroidinum is a homeopathic remedy that is often used to increase the sperm count and help the couple conceive naturally. When a person has a varicocele, homeopathic remedies like Hamamelis and Pulsatilla sometimes do away with the need for surgery.

It is a very satisfying and unenviable position to be in- helping infertile couples conceive.

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  2. ash

    Sir. I am having vericocel in left testis . I have been taking hamamelis and pulsistila scince 7 months but vains are not reduced. Pain and inflation are reduced . Plesase give me your valuable suggestions. My age is 30 .

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