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UltrasoundMost people are unaware that in many countries like India, homeopathic education is standardized by an act of parliament and the students go through a rigorous training in pre-clinical (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry), para-clinical (pathology, forensic medicine), clinical (medicine, surgery, OB-GYN) and homeopathic subjects. A similar curriculum is used to train these students as in a conventional medical college. The students are exposed to hundreds of patients in the out-patient as well as the in-patient departments of hospitals to give them a lot of clinical experience. They are also trained to interpret various laboratory tests. After 4 and 1/2 years of full-time study followed by an year of compulsory internship, they graduate as Doctors.

Hence, homeopaths, allopaths (conventional medical doctors) as well as patients elsewhere in the world are surprised when they come across a clinically sound homeopath who can actually speak and understand the “medical lingo”. During a recent interaction with a MD in the US, (we were talking about the MRI scan findings of a client with a sciatica) we got the feeling that the doctor was awestruck by our knowledge of investigations and their interpretations. We felt compelled to send her a copy of a decade old article that we had written for a medical journal on The role of ultrasound as a diagnostic aid in homeopathy.

Homeopathy went through a major crisis in the UK a few years ago and a parliamentary committee was set up to look into the scientific nature of homeopathy. We had submitted a memorandum to the UK parliament and had also written a blog post about why homeopathy is scientific and how the standards of homeopathic training and practice can be improved all over the world.

We firmly believe that proper formal education in homeopathy is the only way to make it accepted as a scientific system of medicine in all the countries like it is in India.

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Disclaimer: A detailed history followed by constitutional treatment by a good and qualified homeopathic practitioner is necessary to treat the complaints that appear due to any disease. The information contained on this site is general in nature and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other health care professional. None of the statements on this site are an endorsement of any particular product, or a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health-related condition. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease.


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