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We take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!
"If you recall, I had called you from Switzerland where I had seen a Homeopath at Banoffstrasse,Zurich and a Harley Street doctor in London. The London doc had put me on a high dose of steroids and said there no cure for this disorder. I was suffering and it was spreading all over the body and I thought I was dying. I was told that the steroids would slowly bloat up my body, bones would deplete and I would have a very high chance of getting drug induced diabetes, high blood pressure and a body that would be disfigured or cancer of the mouth. In desperation I flew to Zurich where I was given assurance that Homeopathy will cure it. The medication and diagnosis turned out to be the same as yours when I arrived at your clinic in and in a few months I was 100 % OK.

So far there has not been a recurrence of the symptoms. Seems like a fairy tale, hard to believe, but its true. I am fortunate and am living life to the fullest!
As for my children, your medicines have done them wonders. They never even got a flu or a cold in so many years. M..... is off to UC Berkeley this summer for a Leadership program in the engineering field that he was nominated for. Next year he will go to the US for his studies. He is an avid diver and holds an Advanced Open Water Diver certification and a solid tennis player. (Was ball kid for Federer this season at the Dubai Tennis Open and Venus Williams last year!) Remember what a weakling he was when you first saw him!"

- J. G., Dubai, UAE

"My experience with long distance treatment from you when in Singapore had also been a good experience but this is real cool. It would also help all to beat traffic and help consult from home when you are in Mumbai. Now you only need to figure out a way for all to have access to your wonder medicine without coming to your clinic.!"

- Ms. M. C., Mumbai, India

"If I have seen one set of people who are extremely tech-phobic it is health care professionals, but you are technologically “keeping a finger on the pulse”. Kudos !"

- Ms. N. S., Cupertino, USA

"I have no doubts as to whether homoeopathy actually acts or no. I have been taking Homoeopathy since my childhood. And now with my pet canine also I have got excellent results especially in his skin ailments (fungal infections). So…… Homoeopathy has got answers for all the ailments.!"

- Dr. N. R., Mumbai, India

"We are better off with you ......... and I say this knowing that you and your wife are very dedicated in helping people no matter where they live and what time of the day they need help.I wish you both .......... all the best !"

- Mr. K. P., San Jose, USA

"........ My parents have also mentioned that you speak to them on Skype when travelling. Is it possible for us to consult you as well on Skype? If yes, could you indicate a few convenient times to us? We are generally available Malaysia time after 8 pm on week-days & the whole day on week>ends. ............. Please let us know if that is convenient to you . Then we can catch up with you on Skype the next time we need medicines!"

- Ms. G. M., Malaysia

"We had gone through a rough time with allopathic treatment for infertility without any success. We had a painful IVF session which failed also. We found Dr. Daxa via online search and decided to try homeopathic treatment. My wife is now pregnant after 3 months of homeopathic treatment. Dr. Daxa is very through in her analysis and followups. We highly recommend her services. She is a life saver for us."

- S.S., India

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