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The Psyche of a Terrorist


A lot of people, esp. mental health professionals, have come up with theories about the psyche of a terrorist. Why does one become a terrorist? What is going on inside his mind? What could be the mental make-up of this person?As homeopaths we have our theories too! We wonder what precipitates the change from a ‘normal’ peace-loving human being to a terrorist. If a terrorist visits a homeopath for treatment, the case history may reveal a lot of reasons behind his turning into a terrorist.

Perhaps there has been a history of the death of parents and friends at the hands of some organization or regime and now they want revenge. There may have been also a long history of domination, religious or otherwise, by a country or religious group and now this person has grown intolerant of the same. Some of these individuals may have changed over the years after a history of sexual abuse or rape in the past. Many of these individuals may be suffering from psychosis with delusional traits. They may have various fixed ideas that are difficult to change, e.g. a delusion that everyone is an enemy, or that he and his people are persecuted, or that he has been betrayed, or he has to murder. Gradually these thoughts seem to be a reality and then he has a desire to attack others; to kill. He becomes discontented and is estranged from society. There is a contempt for mankind and he develops a hatred for others and seeks revenge. This destructiveness is seen along with cowardice. The terrorist would resort to acts of violence against innocent individuals by planting explosive devices without ever exposing his personal identity. He may communicate with the media or the government through anonymous messages. One aspect of terrorism that is quite obvious is the underlying religious fanaticism. He calls himself an anarchist or a revolutionary or a martyr and he wants his religious beliefs to be heeded by the world. Using his religious fanaticism, he may incite others to join him in the senseless acts of terror. If such a person came to us and we saw some of these features in his history, we would think of giving him homeopathic medicines like Merc sol, Sulphur, Anacardium, Nux vomica or Staphysagria. These might hopefully change his outlook towards life and turn him into a humane human.If a terrorist is in custody and exhibits the symptoms described above, homeopathic medicines like Stramonium and Hyoscyamus may help control his delusions, make him less destructive and remove his hatred and intolerance for others and other religions.

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  1. AnonymousReader

    Interesting read. Perhaps their childhood history have turned them into psychopaths: persons who cannot feel other’s emotions and is very deceitful,manipulative, glib,and superficial. In therapy, this person may come off as charming and may even seem to be improving. However, instead of improving, this individual is merely putting on a show and imitating feelings and emotions. A terrorist with these psychopathic tendencies may not feel or understand people and just use them for convenience. It is often debated if psychopaths should even by administered psychotherapy or should they be locked up in hospitals or solitary confinements due to their inability to recover.
    What homeopathic remedy do you recommend to such a person? Can such mental health problems have homeopathic solutions?

    1. Such mental health problems are difficult to treat. The homeopath will need to maintain a long term treatment plan for such a person. In general, neurosis responds better than psychosis to homeopathy. Giving the names of too many homeopathic medicines on this forum could lead to misuse of the remedies so we encourage the readers to visit their nearest homeopath for help instead of relying on just a few medicines that are listed on different websites.

  2. Ranjit H Maniar

    how would you cajole a terrorist in or out of custody to come out of his delusionary state and actually consume h’mpathic pills?
    That would be interesting to know.

    1. Actually, you can’t. You can’t cajole even other patients to take any type of medicine. Forcing a type of treatment plan on a person would bring up a lot of ethical and moral issues. We still have a long way to go where we all would be living in a utopian society where every offender is counseled and treated for his behavior and actions so as to make him/her a better person. However, hypothetically, if such a person needed treatment for other (physical) ailments, a homeopath would be the right person to call for. The homeopath would choose and prescribe the medicine that would heal the physical as well as the mental state. It would be a single medicine, prescribed holistically that would act on the mind and the body. The terrorist would not even know that the homeopath “hit the nail on his head” and took care of both the issues.

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