How do I cope with my loss?

Thus spake the Buddha:

“1. The cause of all suffering is sorrow.
2. The cause of all sorrow is expectation and attachment.
3. It is possible to end suffering if you can detach yourself from your attachments and desires.
4. The way to the cessation of suffering is to follow his Noble Eight-fold path.”
However, that is a very difficult thing to do in reality. It has never been easy to control one’s emotions. The humand mind has two aspects- the intellect and the emotions. Very few of us can successfully use the intellect to control our emotions. Some of the commonest causes of emotional upheavals are loss of an object of desire and loss of someone you love- either to another person or to death. Death is inevitable and you cannot change that part of your destiny. Other losses could be prevented but we are not always very successful.
We have many clients who come to us with the stress that comes from such a loss. They feel lost, sad, depressed and don’t know how to move on with their life. As homeopaths, we can and always help them cope with this loss. The key is to find out what has caused this grief and what is the manifestation of this grief. A homeopath is a patient listener and a keen observer and will find clues from the patient’s emotional and physical symptoms that would help in the selection of the remedy.
We have often had to help patient’s recover from a business loss. The homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus often comes to the rescue, especially if the person has become sleepless. He has now become suscpicious about others, is jealous and envious. He can be confused and often cannot think easily. this remedy has also been used by us when there has been a disappointment in love and the person becomes extremely jealous to the point of harboring thoughts of killing.
When there have been one death after another in the family, Ambra grisea is the remedy that may be indicated.
Ignatia, however, would be the first remedy in all persons who have a lot of grief either from a disappointment in love or from the death of a loved one. They are highly emotional and and nervous. They are extremely sad but this is a silent grief. They will not show their emotions to the others. At other times, the person needing Ignatia will have a lot of ‘hysterical’ manifestations.
For the chronic and long-lasting effects of grief, we would consider Natrum muriaticum.These persons are sad and depressed. They get irritable at trifles and cannot tolerate consolation. They are also prone to migraines.
The homeopathic remedy Acid phos, is also for the bad effects of loss- disappointments and deaths. However, the person becomes not only sad, but indifferent. He shuns all people and lies all alone. He cannot deal with adverse circumstances and becomes apathetic.
There are many more remedies like Aurum metallicum, Pusatilla, Staphysagria and Sepia that would be useful to help deal with one’s loss.
It is absolutely essential to deal with the loss and move on in life. Homeopathy can help you cope with this stressful situation. Remember that the mind has a very important role to play in the origin of many physical ailments. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. all have their origins in the disturbed mental state. A recent Harvard Medical Blog underscores the importance of the stress caused by the death of a partner.
Homeopathy recognizes this and hence it becomes a useful modality in the management of psychosomatic diseases.

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