Homeopathy for Adolescents Girls II

During adolescence hygiene is very important to remove oils and body odor.

They must be told the importance of washing their face, underarms, pubic area, and feet daily.

Have your children wash their hands frequently to decrease the spread of germs, especially before eating and after using the bathroom.

Underwear should be made of cotton for better air circulation. Tight jeans also prevent air circulation and can cause friction of the labia (private parts).

Hygienic care revolving around the monthly cycle needs to be conveyed. Girls must learn how to anticipate and prepare for their menstrual cycles so they won’t be caught by surprise. Daily bathing and special padding must be undertaken for this cyclical phase of their development.

Tampons or pads should be changed every few hours to prevent bacterial growth; tampons should not be worn overnight.

Avoid all feminine hygiene sprays, douches and scented sanitary products since they may irritate the pubic area.

Your daughter might notice a yellow stain on her panties. Leucorrhea or a white discharge is also a common complaint during puberty. If the discharge is white, non-irritating, non-offensive and is not associated with any urinary symptoms, then it is a physiological phenomenon. This can be corrected with the help of constitutional homeopathic remedies. However, an acute onset of leucorrhea, with an irritation, itching and redness of the parts, may be due to a fungal infection.

Indications of some homeopathic medicines for leucorrhea:

Borax: When the discharge is curdy or like the white of an egg and appears between the menses with a lot of itching and irritation of the parts, this is the drug that may be required.

Alumina: The discharge is profuse, transparent and yellowish. It is associated with a lot of weakness, especially during the daytime.

Kreosote: The discharge is yellowish and offensive. It is corrosive and causes an irritation of the parts. It leaves behind stains that are starchy.

Constitutional homeopathic treatment given at adolescence would go a long way in preventing disease and maintaining the physical and mental well being of the patient.

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Disclaimer: A detailed history followed by constitutional treatment by a good and qualified homeopathic practitioner is necessary to treat the complaints that appear due to any disease. The homeopathic remedies mentioned in this post are for informational purposes only. The information contained on this site is general in nature and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other health care professional. None of the statements on this site are an endorsement of any particular product, or a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health-related condition. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease.


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