Homeopathy for Adolescent Girls IV

Apart from the physical changes, girls of this age start to think and feel differently. They make close relationships outside the family, with friends of their own age. Parents become less important in their children’s eyes as their life outside the family develops.As they become more independent, they want to try out new things, but often realize that they do not have any experience to sort out their problems when things get out of control. This may produce a variety of emotions – feeling very mature at one time, very young and vulnerable the next.

Being upset, feeling ill or lacking confidence can make them sulky.

Over-eating, excessive sleepiness and too much concern with appearance may be signs of emotional distress.

Anxiety may produce phobias and panic attacks.

During their adolescence, more than 1 in 5 teenagers are depressed. However, depression may not be obvious to other people.

The adolescent may develop a feeling of guilt, depression, a loss of interest in her usual activities or sleep disorders.

Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies can help such emotional states.

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Indications of some homoeopathic medicines for psychological problems:

Pulsatilla: This drug is often helpful to girls who have recently started having periods with irritability, moodiness, and weepiness. The girl usually is emotional and weepy, wanting a lot of attention and comforting and feels better with sympathy and consolation. Delay or suppression of the menstrual flow can be accompanied by nausea and faintness. Being too warm or in a stuffy room makes her uncomfortable, and fresh air can bring relief. The menstrual flow is changeable just like her moods and is usually late, dark and intermittent.

Natrum muriaticum: The adolescent who needs this remedy usually seems reserved to others, but is deeply emotional inside. She may feel extremely sad and lonely, but gets angry if others try to console her or sympathize. Depression, anger over minor things, and a need to be alone to cry is a part of her nature. When she is depressed she broods about past grievances or may have migraines, backache and insomnia. A craving for salt, great thirst and a tendency to feel worse from being in the sun are other indications for this remedy.

Cimicifuga: This remedy can be helpful for irregular and painful periods, with shooting pains that go down the hips and thighs, or cramps similar to labor-pains that are felt in the pelvic area. Headache with pain and stiffness in the neck and back will often occur with PMS. The girl is intense and talkative when she is well, but becomes agitated, fearful, and depressed before a menstrual period. She may develop exaggerated fears (of going mad, of being attacked, of disaster). Painful menstrual periods and headaches that involve the neck are often seen when this remedy is needed. She becomes extremely sad, depressed, does not talk to any one, does not like to be looked at. At such times she does not want anyone around her, not even her mother.

Chamomilla: The adolescent needing this remedy is angry, irritable, and hypersensitive to pain. She is cross, irritable, snappish and spiteful. Cramping may come on during the menses which could be intensified, because of emotional upset. The flow can be very heavy, and the blood may look dark or clotted. Problems are often worse at night. Heating pads or exposure to wind may aggravate the symptoms, and motion (such as rocking or brisk walking) may help to reduce the tension and discomfort.

Calcarea carbonica: Anxiety, fatigue, confusion, discouragement, self-pity, and a dread of disaster may develop. The girl who needs this remedy often feels chilly and sluggish and easily tires on exertion. (See Homeopathy for Adolescent Girls I).

Ignatia: These are sensitive girls who suffer from grief or disappointment and try to keep the hurt inside. They do not want to cry or appear too vulnerable to others, and so they may seem guarded, defensive, and moody. They may also burst out laughing, or into tears, for no apparent reason. A feeling of a lump in the throat and heaviness in the chest with frequent sighing or yawning are strong indications for Ignatia. Insomnia (or excessive sleeping), headaches, and cramping pains in the abdomen and back are also often seen.

Constitutional homeopathic treatment given at adolescence would go a long way in preventing disease and maintaining the physical and mental well-being of the patient. However, please note that a detailed history followed by constitutional treatment by a good and qualified homeopath is necessary to treat the complaints that appear during adolescence. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease. The above mentioned drugs are just a few of the remedies and are mentioned solely to create awareness about the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in adolescent girls.

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Disclaimer: A detailed history followed by constitutional treatment by a good and qualified homeopathic practitioner is necessary to treat the complaints that appear due to any disease. The homeopathic remedies mentioned in this post are for informational purposes only. The information contained on this site is general in nature and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other health care professional. None of the statements on this site are an endorsement of any particular product, or a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health-related condition. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease.


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