Anti Tobacco Day- May 31

Smoking, that includes passive smoking, is a definite health hazard. Not many people know that those who sport moustaches and smoke are at a greater risk because the smoke as well as the other compounds (read toxins) released are adsorbed onto the bushes on the upper lip. These are then continuously inhaled even after the last butt has been stubbed.
What about smokers who genuinely care about their family and don’t smoke in their house? I have a neighbor who does not want his kids to inhale the nicotine that he is blowing in the wind. The smart thing to do is sit outside his flat which unfortunately is adjacent to mine and puff away to glory. So what if my children are allergic to the smoke and get recurrent chest infections. His loves his kids too much and won’t let them suffer. I have shooed away the people who work for him in a small home office that he and his wife run in their apartment. When they smoke outside my apartment, they have to face my wrath, but I haven’t been able to be as ugly with their employer who after all is a loving father.
Homeopathy has a medicine called Caladium that can reduce the craving for tobacco. I might just lace my neighbor’s water with it so that he quits smoking!

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    1. Caladium is a homeopathic medicine that is prepared from the plant Caladium seguinum. The other name of this plant is Arum seguinum. It is commonly called Dumb Cane in South America. It belongs to the family Araceae. The whole fresh plant is used.
      It can be used for forgetfulness in persons who are mentally and physically prostrated from tobacco poisoning.
      The nervous symptoms of tobacco poisoning are similar to those of Caladium, and Caladium is useful in all sorts of nervous conditions, the effect of tobacco and cigarette smoking. It has a number of times turned the patient entirely away from his cigar, and removes the overwhelming craving that prevents smokers breaking off their habit. It is useful for headaches and mental states in smokers and for ‘Tobacco heart’.
      The person may also have nausea; on rising; when smoking his accustomed tobacco and afterwards; with confusion of head; when smoking a cigar, with urging to stool, but necessity to strain to get rid of a pappy yellow stool.
      It has been found to be very useful in removing the craving for tobacco.

      1. dr kalpa

        does it take care of the withdrawal symptoms!! i know somebody who has been smoking since 33 yrs, want to quit smoking now! but tried for 2 days, could not continue with the withdrawal symptoms coming up!!

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